Knocking On Hell´s Door
Masaya Volcano

This 54.0 km² (21.0 square miles) park is comprised of two volcanoes and five craters.

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If you want catch a glimpse of what the gateway to hell might look like, try visiting The Masaya Volcano National Park. This 54.0km² (21 square miles) park is comprised of two volcanoes and five craters. The active crater, Santiago, usually spews harmless fumes but occasionally may throw a fit and expel not-so-harmless rocks and ashes. That’s the reason why vehicles are required to park heading the entrance upon reaching the crater; you may need to race to the bottom entrance. If you’re lucky, you may catch a peek of molten lava 100 meters down the edge of the crater.

On one end of the crater, you’ll be sure to notice a cross. This cross, known as “Cruz de Bobadilla” was planted by the Spaniards in the belief that this would appease the volcano from erupting.

Apparently this did not work since the volcano had a massive eruption in 1772. And if you’re interested in a bit of geological history, you can visit the Park’s museum half way up the crater. Or if you rather hike or do both, you can hike around the adjacent dormant San Fernando craters while you witness an ecosystem regenerating after an eruption.



  • Round trip transport from Managua to Masaya Volcano.
  • Park entrance fee.
  • Guided visit to museum.
  • Visit Santiago´s crater.

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Masaya Volcano”

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